To be honest I haven't had these feelings for a while
But whenever I see you I hold back my smile 
I so easily submit to your demands I feel like a helpless child
You keep me so tame even though sometimes I might be wild
I try to avoid these situations but i feel like taking the chance with you
I'm not always optimistic but I see a future with us two 
If by any chance this could happen it would surely be a dream come true
But should I really keep my hopes up I have no clue 
I won't lie I love it when you're around 
You're like my new high when I'm with you I can't feel down
Your cute face oh my when I see your smile my heart melts away 
Deep down I feel so lonely if I don't see you one day 
I've really been thinking and you're the one I want by my side
What I really want to know is if you're down for the ride 
Falling in love that's something I really fear 
I don't know what it is but with you I don't really care 
I don't require much just something that'll last 
Even though Imay be haunted by events in the past 
I'll give you my all everything I can 
Just promise me by my side is where you'll always stand 
I'll be here to support  and help you when times get rough 
With any obstacles we might face try your best to be tough 
Right now you're all I want and you're more than enough


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