Got a whole lot on my mind and it's messing up my brain
Smiling with the stars talking to the moon I must be going insane
Family and  friends switched everyone is gone
They're so carefree and I just can't move on
Well now I know to love or trust a soul
At any given minute they can just get up and leave so cold
I won't lie it's really so hard being alone
Pretty hard not having someone to call my own
Sometimes I wonder if this is just how it was meant to be
Trying to erase the past but it's stuck in my history 
Stressing over them but they aren't thinking about me
So hard to explain sometimes inside I feel so empty
I don't know why I keep telling myself I don't care
Deep down I'd be so happy if they were still here 
Either way I just continue fooling myself I'm good
If I could get things back to normal without hesitation I would
Looking forward but the sunny days seem so far away
I guess I'll just keep facing these storms everyday


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