I'll be writing writing writing all day 
Hoping that magically this pain will go away 
Nothing seems to help not even when I get on my knees and pray 
No matter what I do the pain still decides to stay 
Sometimes I wonder if I'm stuck with a curse 
Instead of getting better it keeps getting worse
To me life is just this big game
I never level up no matter what I do I just stay the same 
We all have that common enemy we call the devil 
What makes it challenging he's harder to beat with every level
Nothing seems to work I even try to change the technique 
But I've come to realise just because you're not winning doesn't mean you're weak
Sometimes I wonder have I fallen to deep 
So much on my mind it's so hard to even get sleep
It gets so hard sometimes all I can do is weep
It's so confusing why is happiness so hard to keep
Lost in my thoughts happiness no longer seems real 
I've gotten so numb it's something I can't even feel


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