It's like a knife everyday it sinks a little deeper
The longer I'm away the more I realize I need her
It's like I'm lost and I can''t find my keeper 
On a strange road and I've lost sight of the leader
There's only one thing that can get rid of all this pain
Doesn't seem like I'll ever get it and it's driving me insane
There's nothing I can do to get her off my brain 
She's my only cure all I need like an addict of weed or cocaine
Easy during the day but it gets really hard at night 
Alone in the darkness but she's my only source of light
Don't know how to go on now that she's out of my life
Hits like a bullet hurts more than the stab of a knife
Not having her just makes my mind stray so far away
It becomes harder to cope with everyday
To get her back in my life I'll do whatever it takes
I just hope that she'll forgive me for my past mistakes
It's impossible to not do anything wrong 
I just wish we could be together holding strong
But it seems I won't get what I desire 
I'm so cold but she's the only one that can light my fire

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