Since lately I think there’s been too much on my mind

Deep thoughts have been getting all of my time

My mind is poisoned and I can’t seem to find a cure

Will I ever get better I’m not even sure

People switch up so easily just like candy crush

Good this minute next minute they break the trust

But that’s just life can’t really have faith in anyone

Here this minute next minute they’re gone

Just leaving you with a really heavy weight to carry

They move on so easily and don’t even seem to be sorry

Sometimes I really wonder what’s my worth

No matter how hard I try I still end up getting hurt

Nowadays I’m just so cold inside

Like all the love in me suddenly died

I’m trying to move on but I can’t seem to learn

No matter what I always decide to return

Everytime I’ve healed I go back for the burn

Nothing can help not even an intern

Can’t find someone to really have a conversation

Can’t carry on without some motivation

But I can’t trust no one based off my observation

Lost in this big world what’s the point of my creation



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